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Weng-Hennen House – Castles and Palaces

Castles and Palaces

Castle Dyck

Castle Dyck was built on 4 islands stretching in Kelzenberger Bach, which means in English Kelzenberger brook. The earliest construction date can be traced back to 1094. This castle building features baroque and rocoque styles of sophisticated details. The venue inside of castle are allowed for visiting. Gorgeous carpets and exquisitely carved furniture are interesting […]

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Castle Rheydt

Castle Rheydt is the only well-preserved Renaissance castle near Mönchengladbach city. The earliest record about its construction was dated back to 12th century. Its complete founded drawing can be traced back to 16th century. The castle was once built as a military fortification with basement where visitors are able to see impressive warlike displays on […]

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Palace Benrath

Palace Benrath, which is situated south-east side of Düsseldorf, is easy to reach by public transportation. The palace itself is characterized by baroque style buildings and English parks. Main buildings include 3 museums with fine details of classical art concepts. The palace garden tells European garden history and provides ideal location for people to experience […]

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Castle Paffendorf

Castle Paffendorf was built in the 16th century for the purpose of agriculture. The castle is composed of two big towers, manor houses and court yard in the middle. Additionally, a big pond in the backyard and a moat surrounded the castle are there to give more leisure feelings to the castle. The owner of […]

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Castle Jägerhof

Castle Jägerhof, which is a Rococo-styled castle built in 1763, was actually a resting palace for aristocrats in hunting seasons. The castle was once occupied by French people during Napoleon War and further destroyed by 2 World Wars badly. The re-construction after wars brought new life to this castle in 1958 when it was given […]

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