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Weng-Hennen House – Fragments of Housekeeper

Fragments of Housekeeper

The idea to run a guests house was initialized by a small traveling experience in our trip to La Palma in 2014. We rent a guesthouse operated by an old German couple. The guesthouse located in a valley between mountains with a beautiful sea-view balcony. Inside of it complete kitchen and furniture were well provided for guests to ensure a short but comfortable stay. The old man told us they moved to this island since 20 years ago because of cold and wet weather in Bremen. They built their house and two guesthouse slowly but surely within 20 years. Now the family members are spreading all over the world. The son lives in USD, the daughter is in USA. Every year they meet each other somewhere in the world. The guesthouses therefore offers pleasant accommodation for both guests and family.

We were deeply touched by the story of the old couple, whose enduring attempt and constant efforts are really admirable. Such an outcome is surely not easy for everyone to reach especially on the absolute condition of immigration to a foreign country. As inspired by the story of the old couple, we would like to take the idea of running guesthouse into serious consideration.

The renovation of the house was a hard core. To renovate the house was just like to fight in various battles. Tearing down wall papers, trowelling the walls, organizing cables for lamps, polishing wood doors… were all unavoidable parts of renovation. They had to be done carefully and correctly in every room. It was a long and difficult journey because to keep the faith was not easy. However, we felt solid, specific and happy as we saw the house was gradually becoming better and better with our own efforts. Actually the house is indeed very beautiful with classical German timbered-house structure. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. It is comfortable and friendly for people to live inside of it. We were glad to do renovation because it did help to reveal the gauze of the house to show its original beauty.

The house was completed step by step. From the idea to have, renovation for almost 9 months, a whole new stairs to install in November, website to establish in December, and the name of Weng-Hennen House to give in January, we are happy to introduce the house with gratitude to all people. Weng-Hennen House from now on promises a cordial reception for all guests from the whole world.