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Weng-Hennen House – Grevenbroich: Elegant Demeanor of small German city

Grevenbroich: Elegant Demeanor of small German city

Grevenbroich, where Weng-Hennen House locates, is a small city along River Erft. As an energy city, Grevenbroich is not only noted for its tremendous open air coal mine pit but as a typical German city with its charming elegant demeanor.

Lantern Festival in Autumn: Lantern Festival every year in September is a big event for locals in Grevenbroich. Civil groups in this city have been enthusiastically preparing for this event since Jan. They make huge Lanterns in different forms like dinosaurs or cartoon figures. Sometimes lanterns are shown in politician figures to make fun of current political policies. The cheerful long parades with lanterns and torches accompanied with bands walking through the whole city is the highlight of the whole event.

Illumination Show in Castle Dyck: built in middle age 1094, Castle Dyck is only 7 kilometers, 10 minutes by car away from Weng-Hennen House. Illumination experts use different lighting and music techniques with old trees as background to create astonishing romantic effects. It could be dialogues among several old trees; or a corner of the forest tells its own story. The organizer prepares chairs everywhere for visitors to sit comfortably whenever they would like to enjoy the festival. The narrow winding routes in forests are lighted with torches and candles. Artists make use of uniqueness of castle architecture with aids of lighting to project fascinating shadows on the wall. This festival is one of the popular festivals in the neighborhood cities although it is not well-known for foreign tourists. The fruit gardens of a monastery just beside Castle Dyck have delicious apples, pears and plums.

Illumination Show in Castle Dyck: