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Weng-Hennen House – Our Trip in Taiwan in May 2016

Our Trip in Taiwan in May 2016

The trip every year in Taiwan stands for warm significance because Taiwan is my hometown where my dearest family and friends are. Weng-Hennen House since its operation starts in 2015 offers beautiful chances for us to have more guestfriends. We would like to see them again in Taiwan; therefore we made a round trip from Taichung to Tainan.

First we visited Louise in Taichung. The day she called me to reserve our house for the exhibition in May 2017 was the day our MaoMao passed away. MaoMao lived with us for 8 and half years. He was a such lovely and beautiful cat that we were extremely sad when we lost him. I believe firmly there is a mysterious precious connection between these two facts. The visit to Louise and her company was very positive. We talked a lot and enjoyed the visit very much. My husband praised the design and quality of the machine produced by her company, encouraging them to strengthen selling in Europe.

After staying one night in Chiayi, we took early train to Tainan to see Yi-Ting. As she stayed in Weng-Hennen House from last September to November, we shared lots of happy memories: baking cookies, riding bikes to monastery, enjoying and tasting nice wine. She was always attentative and ready to help us. We were glad to make this chance to visit her and her parents. It was a nice trip: we together visited famous old castle, ancient temples in old city center in Tainan, ate delicous noodles and bought Sword Lions. Their passions and friendliness were unforgottable just like the hot sun in southern Taiwan.

We and Emmee from Tien-Chung become friends since summer 2015 in Friedrichshafen. We were both exhibitors in the Exhibition Outdoors. We usually drank beers and had chats after works. We share similiar life experiences because she is originally from Malaysia and settle down in Taiwan for years and I from Taiwan and in Germany. She drove car to pick us up in train station and showed us the green region famous of its gardening. We enjoyed a nice evening in a small restaurant together. She said she would like to visit us in Germany someday.

While we visited Aaron in Bali, we found a salt lantern shop. The atmosphere created by salt stones impressed us deeply. The interesting idea of salt stones in interior space enlightened us in re-designing our house. We spoke to Aaron about his trip to Germany with other guestfriends, in the trip we offered solutions and assistance.

Here I would like to offer my deepest thanks to my family, my good old friend Janet, my respectful spiritual leader Wayne and many many friends for their careness and hospitality. With them, we memorize our trip with heart.

Summer 2016